Clients and client experience

    • Eaconsult
      • “My experience of working with Femke is of someone who is highly professional and works in partnership with her clients to achieve the outcome they seek. Femke very quickly understood the work I do and created a design that went beyond what I had imagined possible. She made the whole design process easy for me to understand and engage with, gently guiding me through each stage always responding to my feedback. I have no hesitation in recommending Femke and her team.”
        Eunice Aquilina, owner eaconsult
    • Phaos
      • “Femke has supported us with our strategic marketing plan. This included, what is our USP and how do we communicate that USP in a consistent way? Femke’s insight and practical support really helped us to make difficult decisions and ensure we challenged ourselves individually and as a team.  This included how can we communicate effectively via LinkedIn, Twitter etc. In summary, Femke is a master of her craft from the strategic level to the practical level. She is often more than one step ahead and she knows how to take her client along into new worlds. She is quick, to-the-point and a cheerful person to be with.”
        Hedy Kloosterman, Managing director Phaos
    • Sdu Uitgevers
      • “Nowadays it is very important when you hire an external professional, that they quickly understand the matter. They need to be flexible and pro-actively give professional recommendations, in addition to the things you ask. Femke meets these requirements and that makes her a partner to achieve objectives.”
        Siegfried de Ruiter, Innovative marketeer
    • PostPanic
      • “Femke is a straight-talking, focused and knowledgeable communications expert. She understood, advised and helped us break down communication barriers which had been frustrating us for a while. In addition to being well-established and respected in her field within the Netherlands, she also has an instinctual understanding of the British (!) which helped us no end!”
        Ania Markham, Executive Producer & Partner
    • IJsterk
      • “Femke is a down to earth advisor with a hands on mentality. She switches quickly, is clever and reliable. She knows how to analyse the customers query and transforms it into realistic advice. On top of that, she has a network to help to implement plans.”
        Ronald van Rooden, Director
    • Organisatieregie
      • “Femke shows how your organisation or product can stand out. She challenges you on positioning issues in a strong but pleasant manner and guides you through the process in a practical way.”
        Robertjan Uijl, Partner

Examples of clients I am working with or have worked for: HCC (NL), Fuselogic (NL), IJsterk (NL), SpicyLemon (NL), Sdu Uitgevers (NL), FNV Bondgenoten (NL), PostPanic (NL), Phaos (NL), Wasko (NL), Organisatieregie (NL), CentraM (NL), Fresh Toast (NL), eaconsult (UK), Knead Good Food (CH), EcoChair (CH), Working Beauty (CH), Kontx (CH). I work as a mentor for the Basel Startup Academy.

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